Board of Registrars

The members of the Board of Registrars are responsible for conducting all general and special elections in Choctaw County. When contracted, the Board of Registrars assists the Republican and Democratic parties with the primary elections. The Board of Registrars is responsible for ensuring that all elections are conducted fairly, honestly and legally in all areas of the laws of Alabama. They work as a team to ensure the voter rolls for Choctaw County are as clean as possible by removing those voters who have moved or passed away.

The three member team is appointed by the Governor, the State Auditor and the Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries and serve a four year term.

117 S Mulberry Avenue, Suite 1, Butler, Alabama, 36904-2557

Phone Number: (205) 459-2531

For your convenience, here is a Voter Registration Form in pdf format to download and print.

Duties of the Board of Registrars

  • Promulgating Rules and Regulations
  • Registering Voters
  • Maintaining Registration and Voting Information
  • Updating Registration Information
  • Purging the Voters Lists
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